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If you're a creative service provider or coach wearing all the hats in your business, I'm here to help you do what you love and less of what you don't.


Get a custom social media marketing strategy or borrow me as your Marketing BFF  to help your creative small business find your ideal clients and get noticed. 

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You've built your business from the ground up and have made it happen. You've actually worked with clients who aren't your friends!  👏👏👏

And now you're at a pivotal point. 

Are you overwhelmed by the day to day tasks of your marketing? Too much to do and not enough time in the day?


As service providers, we feel like we’re so busy running the biz, doing it all, wearing all the hats – that we don’t have time for the activities and people we love, trying to make everyone else happy.


We feel overwhelmed, tired, and done trying to figure our business out by ourselves and navigate on our own. 


If you feel that way, you’re not alone.

The good news is you don't have to do it alone anymore. It’s time for new ideas, strategy, support, and accountability.


Go from a team of getting stuff done with a community!


We're dedicated to supporting creative solopreneurs & business owners to build strong brands with a community they want to serve.


The result? You scale your services & grow your client roster.


You can focus on what matters most by staying at the top of your creative game.

You can work with clients you WANT to work. Dream clients!

With corporate experience mixed with my own creative small business, I know your pain. 

I've built out KEY services to help the overwhelmed entrepreneur focus on what they need to do next.

My services all work in harmony to eliminate any doubt, stress, or anxiety so that you can feel confident in your marketing and spend more time with your clients.


When you partner with me, you’re on the path to the business and the life you want. Let's make something special!



Courtlynn Creative Social Media Management


Be in on the what, where, and when for your marketing with a custom social media marketing strategy & calendar. ​

Get your brand to resonate with strategic content that is all about your strengths!



As a creativepreneur myself, shop my sticker, scrunchie and mask collection.


You can also request commission work!



Learn how to create content that engages and sells as you 

build your own content system and vault so that you never run out of things to post. 

With Group coaching, you'll get accountability

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A podcast sharing the no-hype journey of 3 women-led creative businesses & what its really like to be an entrepreneur

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